Kimberly Tandra is a fashion designer graduate of Esmod Jakarta and Paris. She started her first ever fashion label in 2015 when she was 17 years old. She represented her first fashion label by using her own name as a denotation of her designs and inspirations.

After the successful launch of her first brand, Kimberly developed Suedeson in 2017. The name Suedeson comes from the combination of her father’s and mother’s name. She represents this brand as a dedication and gift to her parents, whom at first did not approve of Kimberly’s dream on becoming a fashion designer. On her new achievement with Suedeson, Kimberly’s success and focus has both become an indication to her parents on how eager she is on being in the fashion industry.

Suedeson embodies unique and exceptional designs that can be seen by Suedeson’s prominent lines and meticulous hand stitching. Subsequent after receiving great response for the S/S 18 New York Fashion Week show, Suedeson inaugurate its ready to wear line in 2019. Suedeson’s initial signature design has now been reconstructed into something wearable and unusual, but still maintaining Suedeson’s signature lines with everyday go-to materials.

With commitment in quality control and design exclusivity, Suedeson is determined to meet customers expectations in terms of style, comfort and practicality.